We Speak To Sipp Rogers After The Release Of His New Album “Machine Gun Funk!!”

Why “Machine Gun Funk!!” ?

– Paying homage to Biggie (favorite rapper), and bringing a new revamped element to the flavorful phrase. A more unique perspective.


– When you think “Machine Gun Funk”, you think gun violence or something towards street aspect of music. The plan was to take that and add a more artistic approach to it. All the while bringing artists in the city together from far different lanes. Being able to do that shows there’s strength in numbers, and it also shows that artists can come together no matter how it looks on paper. As long as the vibes are right and it’s executed correctly. Doing it properly can bring a better sound. Houston has a wide range of artists, and in a way I wanted to show my reach, to prove you can’t box me in. I’m in full control and my vision is as clear as ever making it cool to collaborate. Leaving egos at the door, this is music.

What made you enlist the artists you did for the album?

– Artists in this city never ask me to collab, and it’s not because I’m trash. So every artist that was on the album I felt genuinely fucked with me and my vision 100%, whether they ever asked me to collab or not. I understand it’s competition but ever since I started in 2011, I’ve come across artists who I tried to work with that went left because I was going to ultimately have them outside their comfort zone. That being said, one day I was like fuck it, I’m going to put out a project with features, and I’m going to go out my way to make sure they shine as an appreciation for giving me the ammo to let my musical vision a reality. Shoutout to all the artists who were involved because they deserve most of the credit. Hopefully, I showed them I’m truly a fan of theirs as well.

The album features narration from @SwKae, production from @demjunts, BassRob, Stanley, @sadwimp, @jyaytee, @flip.gawd.dre, and raps from Gilly Carter, Sb Lordy, Am, Jackie Tran and Stanley.

Your journey, from 2011 to now, what have you learned?

At the beginning, no handouts. It was rough but the experience was new. Anybody with any resourceful outlook was not given. I had to connect the dots and land into the position I’m in. And doing this while rap was shifting. It was a roller coaster but staying true to myself has been the greatest reward thus far. But what I’ve learned is that no matter how much love and appreciation you show to the culture it’s not going to be handed to you, period. In the end, the only thing that matters is results. So if you’re not willing to do what you have to do, you’re just talking.

Above is something off ‘Throwed’, a tape from 2011 when I first came across Sipp Rogers.

Since you mentioned ‘staying true to myself’, let us know who Sipp Rogers is as your closing statement.

– My dedication and love for hiphop, I think I bring a refreshing feeling to the Houston rap scene. To a certain degree, I bring that golden era vibe with a modern wtist. That’s where I get the ‘staying true to myself’ concept. Overall, I’m stupid first, and artist second. Always and forever.

Machine Gun Funk‘, ‘Dom K4 President‘, ‘Belly‘, ‘Ye’ Toldu 1st‘, the influence hiphop has had on Sipp is clear. When we first linked, during the GET WITH IT recording sessions, BassRob spoke with Sipp Rogers about being from Mississippi, I always thought he was from Houston (that video is above), and this is also where I learned about Sipp’s style. Sipp goes left and does complex on purpose so if someone were to ever sound like him, he would know. He doesn’t want anyone to bite his style. Another indicator of how hiphop influenced him. Cue Raekwon x Ghost on Cuban Linx.

Go give Sipp Rogers some spins and show love if you feeling the music. Machine Gun Funk!! is available on all platforms.



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