Blue Body, Album By BluFlame James

Produced and mixed by BluFlame James himself, the South Carolina product architects his beats in a way that leaves the door open for his vocals to slide right in. And James makes quite the entrance. With both Pimp C and Andre 3000 intertwined within his speech, that inclination quickly captivates and invites you, grabbing your hand as you tour the album.

Wanna Be Legit and Running Man are my standouts from the project.

We don’t know much about James except his first release dates back to 2015.  No raps, just beat tapes, and Brother was that first tape. His first rap debut comes on an EP titled YELLAFLAG. His rap projects to date are YELLAFLAG, Lite Blu and now Blue Body, but you can catch some of his rhymes on a few beat tapes after YELLAFLAG.

Just through checking and exploring the discography, James has something with the color blue, the Southern upbringing bleeds through his drawl, and content, and he must be a gamer (or a fan of the culture) judging from the 8/16bit, + Japanese lettering, in his artwork.

Rollin’ from YELLAFLAG.

Also noticed the YELLAFLAG art is a little under halfway loaded, while Blue Body is about 70% loaded. Does this mean anything? Regardless, we look forward to seeing what’s in store.

FAMOUS from Blue Body.

Check out Blue Body, plus the rest of his discography, and get familiar with BluFlame James. Show some love if you’re feeling the music.



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