Travis Scott, Don Toliver & Pop Smoke Conversations Following JACKBOYS Compilation EP

Travis Scott releases JACKBOYS EP, a compilation starring Sheck Wes, Don Toliver, Rosalía, Lil Baby, Offset, Quavo, Young Thug, Pop Smoke with production crediting Oz, Nik D, Mike Dean, Vou, wondaGURL, Buddha Bless, Jabz, NIV, London Cyr, Jenius Level, 808 Melo and Axl.

And as always, Mike Dean handled the mixing/mastering making for a beautiful sounding project. You know it’s always a heavy focus on production with Travis.

PRODUCTION HEAVY WHEN IT COMES TO TRAVIS. And that may be the problem for me. There’s too much focus on production and not enough focus on the lyrics. Great artists fill their music with depth from all aspects. Without lyrical depth, the music will come and go. Hell, the fact I watched the Travis documentary on Netflix, and didn’t learn a thing kind of speaks volumes.

GANG GANG featuring Sheck Wes & Don Toliver.

Ask a Travis fan why they gravitate to his music, and I bet no one can really pinpoint why. I know because I’ve asked, but that may be the beauty of what he does. The many effects and changes in the music serve as a distraction (think action movies with explosions or modern horror movies and their scare tactics).

HAD ENOUGH featuring Don Toliver, Offset & Quavo. Best cut from the album.

I BELIEVE DON TOLIVER WAS FUMBLED. Before Don appeared on ASTROWORLD, he released Donny Womack, which makes sense. Out with the old and in with the new.

WHAT TO DO? featuring Don Toliver.

Ok, so the old Don is done, and we enter a new era of Don with fresh ears. Don does what he’s supposed to and shines on ASTROWORLD, which releases a week after Donny Womack, however, the buzz surrounding Don’s ASTROWORLD appearance sort of diminished.

Since ASTROWORLD, three singles from Don dropped, all came and went, but that initial release took too way long, and it should’ve been an album. Don was teasing new music for some time using short trailers, and I was definitely excited, but like I said, the releases ended up as singles that lacked the impact needed to build on the foundation previously laid. We’ll see if they will be able to recover, but the belief is Travis will remain top dog and Don will never reach his full potential. Don’s prowess when it comes to words run deeper, and he deserves the proper treatment to unveil his skill set at the highest level (was Cactus Jack a bad move?).

GATTI GATTI featuring Pop Smoke. Here goes Travis throwing the flow of the track off with his excessive effects and switch ups, but Pop’s appearance on this track is one of my favorites from the tape. CPTLDRE put me onto Pop, showing me War (Lil Tjay slid) and Dior (PTSD is nice as well, and the only song that hints 50 Cent, someone he’s drawn comparisons to). His appearance on JACKBOYS is no surprise due. He was featured on the ASTROWORLD Festival lineup, which was a surprise, a very good one.

POP SMOKE, ENOUGH SAID. Not even 21, Pop has been on a journey. From being incarcerated, to exploding on the scene by sneaking studio time (and stealing beats), then introducing the world to The Woo, his energy has swept the nation, even traveling overseas.

In a UK interview, Pop talks about how he took over a recording session after the artist fell asleep, recording his first song on spot (since he doesn’t write). He then goes on to say how he ripped a beat produced by 808 Melo (London producer) from Youtube, and continued to do so since it was working for him. 808 was pressing for his cut, and Pop kept brushing him off, but it was eventually settled. They flew 808 to NY and linked in the studio. 808 was the only producer to Pop’s debut tape, Meet The Woo.

Give the JACKBOYS a listen, available on all platforms, and leave your thoughts below. A solid offering, Don and Pop stood out. We look forward to seeing what they have in store for the future.



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