Big Spence: The Life Chose Me

Bay Area rapper/producer Big Spence, under independent label Text Me Records and part of the BossLife movement, had one of my favorite albums in 2019, BossLife Summer: The Life Chose Me.


Spence chose 2019 to rap, so is 2020 the year he will get his beats off?

From The 9 featuring Lil Woah produced by Drew Banga, both members of BossLife (I think). There’s not much information on the BossLife movement but I’m sure it’ll come. In an interview, Big Spence explained, From The 9, came from the divine (or that’s what he’s referring to). The number 9 is symbolic to divine completeness, or the fruits of God’s Holy Spirit; faithfulness, gentleness, joy, kindness, long suffering, love, peace and self-control. Spence goes on to say that there’s something about that record, and how it was the fastest he ever did a track. This is the one he would perform to get himself active as well as the crowd (it’s been a crowd favorite). Along with Good Dope, both tracks are my favorites from the tape.

The run began when Spence released single, 10k, which gained a ton of traction. Getting spins from the local area, including the Golden State Warriors, this debut album became highly anticipated quickly. Names like Larry June, G Perico and G-Eazy reached out, showing love to Spence by being part of the debut.

The latest drop from Spence, Uncle Harold, did not come from the album, but just a loose single (currently). This record was in memory of his uncle who recently passed. Finding the balance between life and work can be challenging, and unfortunately, time waits for no man, so we hope for peace while we strive for our loved ones here and on the other side.

Give Big Spence a listen and show some love if you’re feeling the music.





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