“Logan” By Adonis x DJ Skizz

Production that resembles creeping on an eerily quiet night, except Stone which sounds like Christmas morning (Christmas after the Lufthansa heist in particular), paired with penmanship so sharp it could cut steel, Adonis and DJ Skizz releases Logan, to heat up your winter.

2017 EP titled Kold Hands by Adonis, produced by Revenxnt. Revenxnt is a great artist from New Jersey. He produces, paints, films, edits and takes photos. He’s worked with names like Grimm Doza, Da$h, and Pusha T (video for Vogue Italia). Kold Hands was my introduction to both.


DJ SKIZZ IS A LEGENDARY BOSTON PRODUCER. When I saw the two teamed up for a collab, I was excited to say the least. Adonis has been a talent I have been keeping my eye on since Kold Hands, and Skizz did a masterful job. Holistically chopped, fat drums, and beautiful nuances are sprinkled throughout. (Amazing Art referencing Wolverine also).

A true street poet, the vivid imagery Adonis puts into his music is lethal. Bouncing from hypnotic hooks about cash talk and mischief to pain and turmoil from misfortunes of his past.

Adonis prides himself on moving differently than a lot of those out today. He grew up in Long Beach, where during 2003-2007, had the highest murder rate in the country.

Logan only features Tedy Andreas, Houston rapper who splashed onto the scene after he released Mercedes, single from his debut LP Mad Illusions. Tedy recently released Andreas Soriano that bangs too.

And that’s why his music sounds the way it does. Coming from that era? It’s a blessing Adonis is still around.

Give the project a spin and show love to everyone involved if you’re feeling the work.




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