The First Solo Rap Project From Siddiq Since December 2018

Siddiq starts the new year off with a new EP titled Ghetto Dreams.

The six-track EP features Big Spence, Basi, and is produced in full by Drew Banga, all representatives of the Bay Area.

With the release of Ghetto Dreams, we get a Siddiq rap project for the first time since Worldwide in mid-December of 2018.

Siddiq spent his 2019 producing which is opposite of how Big Spence spent his 2019. Check our post on Big Spence where we talk about his debut album.

Video for the second single off the EP, Road Trip. Directed by Siddiq. Shot by Jay Smith, Whiz Ward and Siddiq. Edited by Jay Smith and Siddiq.

In the last year, Siddiq has production credits on multiple projects; Back To Ballin’ and 4 The City by Scotty Brown, Konnect 4 Vol. 1 and 2 by Jaytona, 44 Action I, My Brother, Sun by Duce, and H44D (aka 44 Action II).

H44D is the sequel to 44 Action I, which came out earlier in 2019. The sequel features some of the same names, but adds a ton more of names to the lineup. Get familiar with the artists, you can hear Siddiq rap on both but the main focus was production. Siddiq and Jay Smith produced both projects.

Siddiq also released a series of beat tapes titled Slide Music. We are currently on the 3rd volume.

Going back and forth to LA, working on music, Siddiq laughs at how in Houston he’s known as a producer, but in LA that role switches. This is due to the plethora of rappers he’s around in Houston vs the plethora of producers he’s around in LA.

Give all the music a listen and show some love if you’re feeling it. Ghetto Dreams is now available on all streaming platforms.



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