Been Wanting To Do This For A While, ZelooperZ ‘On De Mf Head’

PATIENCE IS A VIRTUE. Titled On De Mf Head, below is a new visual + music from ZelooperZ produced by Matrax. Certified slap.

Since Dyn-O-Mite, the ZelooperZ album in 2019, I wanted to do this post.


When JayJay-Z, the intro from Dyn-O-Mite, released, I thought I had come across something fresh and new. And I did, but upon some research, Z has been making music since 2011.

VERSATILE WHEN SETTING THE TONE. And that was the fatal attraction when I heard JayJay-Z. Going over Where I’m From, Z ‘mumbles’ his way through the record engraving a different flavor to the classic. “Never look at a n**** like he would not murk me, the littlest n**** they be rock yo shit worthy”, Z was spitting, but don’t let hiphop heads know that because they can’t understand ‘mumble rap’. The Detroit artist is constantly playing with his voice, and you can hear a change in delivery on almost every cut.

In the past, I haven’t been a fan of animated voices, but the way Z approaches it works, adding a layer that might make some feel his music is no different from the next but once you tap in, you realize it makes his music that more unique. He makes it feel genuine while others make it feel commercial.

Z explains his creative process as crazy and all over the place, with no definitive flow to it.

Danny Brown is an influence to Z. Danny Brown gave him his first tour opportunity. Danny Brown taught Z to study, putting him onto Bjork, and around that time, gave him the inspiration to find a better way to shape his voice. Danny Brown actually found Z before he even knew who Danny Brown was. Z is a member of Bruiser Brigade, founded by Danny Brown.

CRIMINALLY UNDERRATED IF YOU ASK ME. His balance between fun records, experimental records, and streams of consciousness shows how great of an artist he is. He doesn’t seem pressed to make music, but creates for outlet purposes. Z also paints like a madman.


Dyn-O-Mite is a project worthy of your time, and ZelooperZ is an artist you should give a chance. Don’t forget to give his art a look too. You’ll hear more about Z from us in the future.



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