We Speak To Byron & Rami On Their New Drop, FEAR NOT

6 tracks (4 raps) melted into one, the Dallas duo delivers a haunting 13min of new music.

WORD BY LORD BYRON, PRODUCTION BY RAMI. “You don’t have the patience to do the research… you cannot relate… digging through the crates in my life… what did I find… whole lot of shit with dust on it,” there’s many excerpts I could quote like the one above sprinkled throughout FEAR NOT. I wanted to share this record in my own words, but couldn’t muster the right words to explain what I experienced after listening.

The pocket of FEAR NOT felt deep, like a spiritual journey, everything I was writing to describe it just wasn’t right….. so I asked Byron and Rami to shed some light on their new release.

“Apple of my eye, you was the apple of my eye, I talk to God every night, it was the capsule in my mind.”

I was curious about the content and the process. Did Byron go to Rami with a direction? Did Rami lay the foundation? “They were definitely feeling a way when they made this,” I said, so what jumpstarted FEAR NOT, why FEAR NOT, and why a singular 13min?

BYRON: Me and Rami are always working. We’re like Batman and Batman, out of Dolfin Records, we’re the only ones still in Dallas so it’s inevitable. I can’t tell you when this was made but its of the times.

RAMI: I told Byron I was thinking of mixing some of our unreleased tracks with some other instrumentals/interludes to drop a EP. When we recorded the tracks, we didn’t have a project in mind, and due to the recent events I was kind of inspired, plus being laid off from work, I had the time to mix it up and put it together.

I just picked what sounded cohesive, compiled it as one, sent it over and he liked it. The music flowed so well we decided to leave it as one for the experience.

BYRON: I named it FEAR NOT because right now so many people are afraid. Afraid of the unknown. You can see there’s real fear in the world. Mask, gloves, 6 feet of separation. Nobody wants to look anyone in the eyes.

We’re all vulnerable right now but we only fear the most high. There’s rain which forms the storm, then the sun breaks through, this too shall pass, fear not.

RAMI: The title is fitting of the times and the lyrics of the music.

BYRON: It’s a stream of consciousness. Just my thoughts, and excerpts of my life at the moment. It all hits close to home. There’s no process, just the possession of thoughts and feelings, things I couldn’t talk about casually because it’s too deep for the surface so I talk to myself and let everybody else hear it. That’s the only way.

RAMI: Before I started mixing the records, I was watching an old Kobe interview from 1996. Kobe is someone who inspires me and Byron a lot, and I wanted some transitions between the music so I put those in there. The album art was an accidental photo, maybe when I dropped my phone or had a thumb on the lens, but it was something I found in my library and I liked it so much we ran with it.

I think me and Byron both had this feeling, with all this crazy happening in the world, like fuck it, we have a ton of unreleased songs, let’s package and put something out. It’s time.

BYRON: Everybody is grieving right now. Grief of uncertainty and seeing death on the news everyday. It takes a toll on the soul, you have to remain balanced. I don’t even feel like rapping right now, but I do feel like saying what’s on my mind.

RAMI: The project will be released on streaming platforms in three “parts” for distribution purposes.

BYRON: More will be said on later excerpts.

“I’m taken back by the fact that you chose to never ride. You’re taken back by the fact I’ve chose to never hide.”

Give the new music a listen, and make sure you show some love to Byron and Rami if you’re feeling it. Below is a smooth cut from Rami, titled SWANS, produced by Stephen Carmona, video by GHOSTDRANK , released nearly a year ago.



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