Jaytona x BassRob – Wolf Of Wall Street

ENERGY & CHARISMA. Jaytona uses both attributes to draw you in. Once drawn in, Tona slides with a flow, that sometimes stands alone from the beat, but it’s part of what makes him stand out. And by that time, already tuned in, you realize, his penmanship is serious, and not to be taken lightly.

Tona quickly became a favorite with not only myself, but whoever was hip to the name.

After his back-to-back efforts, Konnect 4 Vol. 1 and 2, Rob and I were plotting on seeing if we could get some beats over, but Jay (Smith) ended up being the one to set the play up. Tona had the idea to work with some other producers.

The first time Tona came through, you know, people usually pick some beats, write a verse or two, maybe a track, and there’s nothing wrong with that, that’s just normally what it is. But nah, he scooped 14 beats, wrote 4 tracks, and recorded them all that day!!

Shot by Jay Smith featuring Bat.

It was incredible to witness, especially considering how hot the records were too. The intro to the tape was one of them. We’d end up talking about that day for weeks to come. Tona called it an off day (because we were drinking and might’ve had one too many).

As you will hear throughout, it was one Hell of a time making the album.

Video for Blindfolds off the album.

Fully produced by BassRob, his second project in two weeks, featuring Siddiq , GodBody Bingo , a drop from Jay Smith, Bingo and Tona are 2/2 on records while Siddiq and Tona got them one, engineered by myself and Rob, with art shot by Chelsea Janae, the album dubbed, Wolf Of Wall Street, is now available on all digital platforms.

Intro off the album.

Tap in, give the new album a listen, and hear what the hype is about for yourself. Spoiler alert; the hype is real. Show love to Jaytona and everyone who was involved if you’re feeling the music. The title comes from Tona being raised on Wall Street, in Acres Homes. “I’m not like y’all… I’m of the upper echelon… of Acres Homes.”

Below is a video to End Of It, off Tona’s Konnect 4 Vol. 1, in case you missed it.



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