Big Spence Does Not Slow Up With His Sophomore Project

Following a solid debut, Big Spence is back with an even better sophomore album for you to groove to. “Ima talk my shit, just like I did the last time, just like I did the time before that.”


BOSSLIFE OR NO LIFE. Mainly produced by Drew Banga, a producer you should give your ear to as he’s been heating it up, with additional production by Trackademicks, and Big Spence himself, Too Player, exudes a demeanor, I’ve come to find, only Spence could bring to a record. The art was done by MelesWave. Photo by JoJo.

Spence can literally say whatever on a record and make it sound good. Not to mention his ear for production, and how to attack a record is phenomenal. He gets into character, and it’s a wrap, the intro, Talk My Shit, is out of this world.

The project features beautiful background vocals from Simone Telease, a verse from Oakland legend Too Short, and hooks from 10piecetone and Chase Bank Boog. Everyone involved are Oakland legends if you ask me. They’re doing something real significant over there.

Give the new music a spin, and show some love to Big Spence, and co, if you’re feeling the project. Too Player is available on all streaming platforms. “Bring your drop out, we going platinum this year!”



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