Stove God Cook$ x Roc Marciano – Reasonable Drought

After hearing what he brought to God Loves You on Roc Marciano’s Marcielago album, my interest was sparked.

And apparently, the Syracuse rapper sparked the interests of many others as well. Dating as far back as 2015, Stove God Cook$ entered the scene with Lord Jamar as Aaron Cooks, and has been signed to Busta Rhymes since the beginning. So what took so long to drop?

Cook$ fell back, almost giving up. He felt no one understood what he wanted to do, as he was different from Busta, and Lord Jamar musically. It wasn’t until he met Roc that he got the feeling back.


Cook$ met Roc in 2018, as Roc was working on Behold A Dark Horse, and as their relationship developed, Roc suggested he should produce the whole album.

Cook$ felt, he and Roc, shared similar thoughts, and Roc’s vision for the music was how Lebron saw the court. And as the project progressed, he kept everything close to the chest, only letting Roc know, that he was coming.

No lies told, Cook$ made quite an arrival. In typical Roc fashion, loops with no drums, Cook$ barred up every single track. And I mean every single track from start to finish.

“If this is my last chance to lay it out, let me lay it out for em,” feeling the infamous Reasonable Doubt, saved a lot of people’s lives, due to all the game that album held, Cook$ wanted to make his way, and leave his soul on his album thus birthing Reasonable Drought. Some of the freshest cocaine rhymes, hooks, and melodies, patience is a virtue, and it paid off well for Cook$. He executed it correctly.

Available on all platforms, give the brilliant debut a spin, and show some love if you’re feeling it.




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