Chief Keef Appreciation Post


The once 16 year old phenomenon, who singlehandedly brought Chicago back, and put drill music on the map, has faded from the limelight a bit, but in the process evolved his artistry to another tier. You can hear his influence globally, today.

I remember seeing this video for the first time, and if memory serves me right, this is the first visual released after ‘I Don’t Like’ took off. The level up between ‘I Don’t Like’ and ‘Love Sosa’ said one thing to me, Chief Keef is HERE. The quality of the mix, the video production, their clothing / ice, the house? That check cleared and they were shining now.

One of the most influential rappers of the 2010s, Chief Keef has had hits through the first half, but as far as the later years, it’s been a little quiet for him.

It’s not that he fell off, it’s more due to him not being pushed by a major. Keef has been able to overcome the early issues with labels and the law, he’s now with indie label, RBC, and his hits have allowed him some longevity as he’s kept his core fanbase in tact, and Keef, who’s always played with his flow and style since the beginning, these past few years, I believe, his evolution really started to take shape. Now only 24, we could potentially be witnessing the start of his prime, if he continues to push. Keef may leave the rap game, however, he’s hinted at this before.

Recently landing production credits on Lil Uzi’s album, Eternal Atake, I don’t know how many people were aware, but Keef has produced a lot of his own records, mixed, and designed his own art. He has some fire beats in his arsenal. One of the known rules of rap is that it’s a young man’s game, and to stop rhyming, you can either learn another trade within it, or develop a young artist to take your position so you can ultimately become an executive. This is how the game should be played, but alas. If Keef were to stop rapping, he could always fall back on his other talents, or push the artists he has on his Glo Gang label.

This post is really nothing more than showing appreciation to Keef, who’s become a legend in the game. Many enter the industry just to quickly fade. Keef not only fathered a lot of the artists today, but has now been around for almost a decade. Check out the new music above and show some love if you’re feeling it. All the releases are from 2020, are all fire, and there’s more for you to check.



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