ANKHLEJOHN Hitting A Stride….. Since ’18

My introduction to ANKHLEJOHN was Van Ghost, a tape produced by Big Ghost, in 2018.

A solid offering, the music didn’t leave a lasting impact on me honestly, but ANK’s name would pop back up when I came across, A Cold World. Being a fan of the ACW brand, the artwork (concept/design), he chose to pair with the music, caught my attention. Still, this stint was no different than the previous. A few spins, good piece of work, and that was that, I didn’t go back.

When you got something though, you got SOMETHING, and the DC rapper refused to go away. He would eventually resurface with this 2020 video below.

He followed that with this.

Then this.

Signed, sealed, delivered, I went to YouTube, and found myself replaying Morton’s Menu, Day Two, Round 2, Lordy By Nature and Lordy Is God over the next few weeks. A small percentage of his catalogue, ANK does not fall short on output, nor does he, or ever did he, release bad music, he just finally cracked the code for me and it made sense.

Me and the homie was just talking about that. When the music is respectable, all you need is that one that grabs people’s attention, once their attention is grabbed, they check the discography and realize they been sleeping this whole time.

As Above So Below is the latest project offering, produced in full by Navy Blue, and along with his tape right before, Drill-Scott Heron (ANK’s take on drill beats), both are huge wins in my book. He’s really hitting an incredible stride.

I also like how he’s managed to handle his business. ANK asks supporters to purchase his tapes directly through CashApp, and after purchasing, you receive a DL link plus a message stating the music may or may not appear on streaming at a later date so no leaks! This is my favorite way to go as an independent artist. The music means a little more, and the direct connection to your fan base is priceless. Not to mention, you pocket more as an indie artist.

Show ANKHLEJOHN some love, and check the Rosenberg interview if you want some more background on him. Will also leave the latest music releases below as well. A Da$H x ANKHLEJOHN project is on the way, fully produced by LOOK DAMIEN!.

And if there’s any moral to this story, keep going. If they don’t understand, make them over-stand.



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